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Heavy Commercial Vehicle Service Services

Samko Iveco Authorized Service is a leading service provider in the heavy commercial vehicle sector. It is known for its specially designed service services for Iveco’s strong and durable heavy commercial vehicles. Particularly, the services offered for the Iveco S-WAY Truck and Tractor series are ideal for vehicles making long-distance and regional deliveries.

Heavy trucks, ranging from 26 to 44 tons, fall within Samko’s area of expertise. These vehicles are especially used in municipal and specialized fields. Samko ensures these vehicles operate with maximum performance and safety through its services tailored to these specific needs.

Samko Iveco Authorized Service: Expert Solutions for Heavy Commercial Vehicles

The services provided by Samko pay special attention to the automated transmission equipment of the vehicles, ensuring the proper maintenance and repair of these technological features. This not only extends the life of the vehicle but also enhances driving quality and efficiency.

Samko Iveco Service is not limited to technical services but also offers customer consultancy and support services. Vehicle owners can contact Samko’s experienced team to get detailed information about the maintenance and repair services their vehicles need.

Additionally, Samko offers a comprehensive maintenance program to meet the periodic maintenance needs of Iveco vehicles. This program is designed to ensure the vehicles operate smoothly and without issues for a long time. Periodic maintenance services help maintain the performance of the vehicles while also preventing unexpected breakdowns.

In conclusion, Samko Iveco Authorized Service provides a comprehensive and expert service experience for heavy commercial vehicles. By offering reliable, effective, and efficient service solutions for Iveco vehicles operating over long distances and under challenging conditions, it meets the needs of vehicle owners at the highest level.


Our service services are specifically aimed at Iveco brand heavy commercial vehicles. This includes heavy trucks weighing between 26 and 44 tons, vehicles used for long distance and regional deliveries such as the Iveco S-WAY Truck and Tractor series. Heavy commercial vehicles used in municipalities and the private sector can also benefit from our services.

Our service services cover general maintenance and repair of vehicles. This includes the maintenance of engines, brake systems, transmission equipment, electrical systems, and exhaust systems. We also place great importance on the special maintenance of the vehicles’ automated transmission equipment. We offer customized service solutions according to the needs of each vehicle.

Yes, we offer periodic maintenance services. This service includes regular maintenance of vehicles and is designed to ensure long-term and trouble-free operation. Our periodic maintenance program is customized according to the model of the vehicle and its usage intensity, helping each vehicle to perform at its best.

Yes, we guarantee the use of original Iveco parts in our service services. The use of original parts ensures the vehicles last longer and maintain high performance. Additionally, we offer services that comply with Iveco’s current standards and safety regulations.